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ForexCT, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 12K likes. Forex Capital Trading Pty Ltd ('ForexCT') is a leading Margin Forex and CFD provider based in Melbourne, Australia. 自9月8日澳元兑美元汇率创下近两年来高点0.8127区域后,澳元逐步开始走低,最低触及3个月低点0.7733区域,最多下跌近400点,跌幅近4%,,随后澳元有所反弹。今天刚刚公布的澳联储货币政策纪要中再次提及:"澳元进一步升值可能导致经济和通胀回升速度放缓",截止笔直截稿前,澳元兑美元短线下跌 GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd, 100 Harris street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009 (ACN 141 774 727, AFSL 345646) is the CFD issuer and our products are traded off exchange. † 1 point spreads available on the UK 100, Germany 30, France 40 and Australia 200 during market hours (excluding futures). ForexCT delivers everything you need for an optimal trading experience – multiple trading platforms, fixed spreads, and exclusive financial insight. ForexCT gives you the power of the global markets in your back pocket. Manage your portfolio on the go with our mobile applications that offer the same set of comprehensive trading tools. What is your Username? If your username exists in our records, an e-mail will be sent to you having information for logging to your Trading Platform account. ForexCT leads the pack when it comes to Forex and CFD trading in Australia. Whether you're a skilled Forex trader or completely new to online trading, our trading  Never miss a trading opportunity. Trade Forex and CFDs anytime, anywhere with ForexCT's mobile trading platform. Learn more & download Android & iOS 

据美国广播公司澳大利亚分部(ABC AU)报道,澳大利亚证券与投资委员会(ASIC)与澳大利亚联邦警察局(AFP)联合突击搜查了零售外汇经纪商ForexCT位于墨尔本的办事处,因有客户指控该公司处理交易资金不当,造成客户数十万美金亏损。

由内容质量、互动评论、分享传播等多维度分值决定,勋章级别越高( ),代表其在平台内的综合表现越好。 文章 总阅读. 查看TA的文章> 【第11届forexct金融模拟交易大赛】火热报名中! 万元现金大奖等您拿! 无视持牌人主要义务,Forex Capital Trading遭ASIC撤牌 - 外汇之星 澳大利亚监管机构ASIC宣布吊销场外交易(OTC)衍生品发行商ForexCapitalTradingPtyLtd的AFS牌照。 ASIC的调查发现,ForexCT在道德价值方面存在缺陷,其商业模式无视主要义务,导致行为不合理、误导客户、未能管理利益冲突。此外,ForexCT无法确保其代表得到了充分培训,并遵守金融服务法。


看了很多圈子里面人的回答,说一下我自己的理解: 如果坚持,外汇交易者我觉得有出路的,但概率很低很低,低到只有千分之一的概率,(任何一家交商都有交易后台,基本上赚钱的没有几个)这个里面需要交易本身有足够的韧性,资金,精力,时间积累去研究把握交… 2019 iFX博览会:尽管近期面临挑战 但行业前景依然乐观-外汇天眼 5月27日Finance Magnates报道称,塞浦路斯的iFX博览会(iFX Expo)吸引了金融科技行业的高层管理人员参与。经过三天热烈的小组讨论、一系列商务会议和盛大的聚会,iFX Expo圆满落幕。今年有超过4000人参与,创下纪录,一年前很少有人能预料到这一盛况,当时ESMA对行业的监管正在酝酿。 ForexCT is a leading provider of Forex & CFD trading services. ForexCT leads the pack when it comes to Forex and CFD trading in Australia. Whether you’re a skilled Forex trader or completely new to online trading, our trading platforms give you the tools needed to take advantage of the foreign exchange market’s volatility. A copy can be found on our website Forex Capital Trading Pty Ltd provides general advice that does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors do not own or have rights to underlying assets. Forex Capital Trading Pty Ltd is regulated by ASIC (AFSL 306400), ABN (69119086270). Established in 2006, ForexCT is a multiservice brokerage firm more than 60 currency pairs, various CFDs and precious metals for trade on the popular MT4 platform. ForexCT is a brand of Forex Capital Trading Pty Ltd. - a Melbourne-based company, which is licensed by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

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4 days ago Forex CT在其澳大利亚网站上发布了一项通知,从2020 年5月28日开始,不再接受新客户,并建议客户在2020年6月26日 

据美国广播公司澳大利亚分部(ABC AU)报道,澳大利亚证券与投资委员会(ASIC)与澳大利亚联邦警察局(AFP)联合突击搜查了零售外汇经纪商ForexCT位于墨尔本的办事处,因有客户指控该公司处理交易资金不当,造成客户数十万美金亏损。

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